Elegantly formed shop window display lights Made in England by GEC – General Electric Company. c.1950

Diameter: 300mm
Height: 350mm
Weight: 2kg

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Elegantly formed bell-shaped shop window display lights made in England by GEC – General Electric Company. c.1950

Branded as GecoRay, these lights were salvaged from an opticians in the south-west, where they were used to illuminate stock. Lightly polished aluminum galleries with GecoRay embossing and ribbed silver painted elliptical glass. Fabulous water marked patina to the reflective glass insides. GecoRay stickers remain to the outsides. 1 available; price is per lamp

Rewired with 1m of black twisted flex and replacement bulb holder

The GecoRay System is the effective utilisation of electric lighting for shop window purpose on the reflector principle. It is designed to direct light with the utmost efficiency precisely where it is needed.